Liane Longfellow Pottery

Handmade by your artist friend Liane Longfellow

How did I get here?

I discovered pottery when my husband encouraged me to sign up for classes with a local potter. It didn’t take long for me to realize I wanted more freedom in creating – more room to explore and push the craft. I wanted to spend hours on a piece, not fitting into a two hour class. I wanted to mix clay colours, play with glazes, make mistakes and produce pieces start to finish on my own. Never had I fired a kiln or babysat pieces through their multiple stages. But now I can’t imagine not having all of this in my control.

I was born and raised in the small Northern Ontario town of Kirkland Lake, where the ‘Mile of Gold’ is said to be paved with precious minerals! Where walking to school in the dead of winter meant frost buildup on your eyelashes. I first displayed my paintings in my little hometown, and eventually making it into museums and centres in North Bay and Sturgeon Falls. I attended Canadore College and studied as a Graphic Designer. Skipping ahead to working alongside my husband Howie at our home business, CrimsonPepper.

Once our daughter was born I stepped back from the office and became a full-time mom. Eventually becoming a homeschooling mom. We have two little love bugs and have entered our 10th year of homeschooling this year (2023-2024). We nest in the back woods of West Nipissing, on a little lake. Where the chickadees and trees are considered close friends.

I appreciate all of my followers, supporters of all sorts. Thank you.

Your artist friend,
Liane Longfellow